It’s summer again, and with summer comes mosquitos. They’re pests and are known to carry deadly diseases like Zika and West Nile virus- and you certainly don’t want them at your backyard barbeque. So what’s the best way to get rid of mosquitos in and around your house, and how do you keep them from coming back?

Know What They Love

Mosquitoes are on the hunt for a few spots, and if you have these spots on your property, chances are you’ve also got mosquitos. Backyard mosquito control begins when you keep an eye out for puddles and standing water because that’s where mosquitos like to breed. Empty any standing water immediately. If you see any small white larvae in the waters around your home, what you’re actually seeing are the baby mosquitos. Drain that puddle before they have the chance to grow up! Mosquitos also like to hang out in your bushes and trees, where the adults spend most of their days. You may also find more mosquitoes in deep grassy areas, so mow as much as needed for your grass type to keep those spaces to a minimum.

Best Mosquito Control


The best method of mosquito control , of course, is to call the CAPE Pest Control pest professionals .CAPE Pest Control has a cutting-edge mosquito removal system . Dubbed mosquito buckets, this technique attracts female mosquitos to the top of the bucket with a bioactive solution . The females lay their eggs at the bottom of the bucket. When they lay their eggs, though, they pick up a solution they carry to every single breeding site. Not only do the eggs in the bucket die but so do the eggs they lay at other breeding sites.


When is the best time to deal with the mosquitoes on your property? Right now. Contact us today to learn more about our mosquito removal systems and how we can install them across your property to prevent an itchy summer!

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