It’s summer, and you know what that means – you’re going to see stinging insects almost everywhere you go. From yellow jacket nests in the ground to mud daubers trying to build nests in the eaves of your house, they’re all looking for a way to make your home into their home. If you’re not looking to get stung this year, here are some great tips to keep the bees, wasps, and assorted other stinging pests off your property .

Bee Control

This summer, you might be seeing more bees around. While this is great for your plants- they need bees to pollinate and spread seeds, after all- this might not be great for you. Many people are allergic to bees, and that can only exacerbate an already-present issue. Keep the bees out of your home by patching up cracks around your home to keep nesting sites to a minimum. Inspect your home routinely for signs of bees. You’ll also want to keep the flowering plants that surround your house well away from spaces where you gather like your outdoor living area . Instead, choose plants here that don’t flower. 

Wasp Control

Dealing with wasps is really similar to controlling bees. They’re almost a bigger issue, though- if you’ve got a wasp infestation , you want it gone. They’re aggressive and easily scare small children. Keep a tight lid on your food trash, and limit flowering plants around your outdoor living spaces. If you’ve got fruit trees in your yard, pests are attracted to the windfall crop- make sure to be regularly cleaning up your yard, too.

The Best Way To Get Rid of Any Stinging Insect


The best way to get rid of any stinging insect, though, is simple – call CAPE Pest Control. A professional bee removal service like CAPE Pest Control has tried-and-true methods of getting rid of all your bees and wasps, and even better- once they’re gone, they’re gone. And if you continue to use preventative measures, there’s a good chance they won’t be coming back.

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