There’s a lot of jargon thrown around every day in the pest control business. It’s sometimes difficult to see what’s just fancy language and what’s something that you actually need to know about. More and more, businesses are trying to cheat you out of your hard-earned cash by tacking on useless words that sound important but don’t actually mean anything. But CAPE Pest Control is different. In fact, our QualityPro credentials help show you that we’re one of the best pest control companies in the industry to meet your needs. 


What Does QualityPro Certified Mean?

QualityPro certification has been dubbed ‘the mark of excellence in pest control’ by several sources and exists to demonstrate which businesses show that they are up to par in professionalism, eco-friendly materials, and sleuthing out the best places in your home to get rid of bugs. Businesses with a QualityPro certification act as leaders and pioneers in the pest control business, and are model examples of how a business should run. QualityPro companies continually engage in extensive employee training and deploy innovations that help their customers do more.


The CAPE Pest Control QualityPro Difference


 CAPE Pest Control is committed to meeting your pest control needs. As a QualityPro company, we vow to always use non-chemical solutions if they are applicable, which means that there’s less likely that someone in your home will get sick from a pesticide. CAPE Pest Control also will use pesticides only when necessary, and will always look for the best place in your house to apply them before- if they ever do- use them. But more than that, CAPE Pest Control promises to treat your home and your family with the utmost care. After all, it’s you that we’re working for- and we want a repeat customer!


All of our employees not only have the deeper level of pest control knowledge necessary to ensure your pests are completely eradicated but also the training to help work with you on meeting all of your pest control needs both now and well into the future. 


At CAPE Pest Control, we want you to be satisfied with the work that we’ve, and a QualityPro certification only continues to ensure that your house will be in good hands. To learn more about our certification or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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