Arizona has a lot of different types of scorpions, and all of them can create real problems if you find them on your property. Before you begin finding them in your garage and home, take a look at how CAPE Pest Control can help you make sure that you’re ready to take on whatever scorpions have to offer.


What Is A Scorpion?

While there are over thirty different species of scorpion in Arizona alone, the ones you really need to be worried about are the Arizona bark scorpion and the desert scorpion. Both of them can sting you, and it’ll hurt. The Arizona bark scorpion typically grows to about 1 to 3 inches long and is light brown in color. It’s also the only scorpion in Arizona with lethal venom! But it is a less dangerous cousin, the desert scorpion is also worrying- they can grow up to seven inches long, with dark brown coloration. The desert scorpion is actually the biggest scorpion native to the United States.

Keeping Scorpions Out Of Your Home

If there’s anything you know about Arizona Scorpions , it’s that you’d like to keep them off of your property, for both your sake and that of your family. Scorpion control can be fairly easy, though- as long as you keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed several inches away from your home, ensure all cracks in your foundation or siding are sealed, and make sure there are no obvious gaps in your door or window frames . If you’re still looking for protection, try fitting some new screens on, or even do some new weatherproofing

What To Do If You Have Scorpions


But if you already have a scorpion infestation, it’s handy to know what to do. Here’s the response- call the professionals! CAPE Pest Control is the best in the business for scorpion control , and they’ll respond with unmatched competence and courtesy. Don’t try to fight Arizona’s most dangerous arachnids on your own- team up with someone who knows just what they’re doing and how to do it. Team up with CAPE Pest Control to deal with your scorpion infestation- today. 

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