They’re the quintessential pest, and one of the hardest to get rid of. Cockroaches can carry disease, snack in the company break room, and infest your business before you even notice that they’re there- so what are the best options for commercial cockroach control and prevention , and how do you tell if they’re already in your building?

What A Cockroach Is

The easiest way to tell if you have cockroaches is, of course, if you’ve got visual proof. There are almost 70 different species across North America, but all of them look pretty much the same- flat brown bodies, segmented into different parts, and can grow up to two inches long. While they don’t live in colonies, you will notice their droppings in areas that they visit often. These droppings are small black specks, almost like spilled pepper.   Cockroaches usually hide in warm, dark, or moist areas, like the kitchen, breakroom, bathroom, or warehouse, where they’ll lay their eggs and tuck themselves away during the day. 

Cockroach Control and Prevention

If the roaches aren’t already in your business, here comes the ‘prevention’ part of ‘cockroach control and prevention’. Cockroaches like to hide out where they’ve got food, water, and shelter, so the simplest way to prevent them from nesting in your home is to take away their access to that! Regular cleaning will make sure that there’s no open spills or crumbs for them to take advantage of, and fixing your dripping plumbing will ensure that there’s nothing for them to drink, either. While you can’t exactly get rid of every hidden corner in your office, you can make sure everything is properly sealed.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches


But while it’s easy enough to prevent them, what if you need to get rid of cockroaches ? The surefire way to, of course, is calling a great commercial pest control service like CAPE Pest Control. It’s the safest way, really- you don’t have to mess around with any dangerous chemicals with iffy warning labels, and you don’t have to expose your family to any more of the bugs than you really have to.



If you’re in a pinch with pests- a great commercial cockroach control service like CAPE Pest Control is the place to go. Keep your employees and customers safe, and prevent the spread of diseases from the things that want to take over your home.

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