Roof rats can be a major problem in Arizona. They’ve brought entire cities to their knees with an infestation, and even worse, they can destroy your home and even injure your loved ones. But you don’t have to worry- with CAPE Pest Control, roof rat pest extermination (and prevention) is simple!


What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats actually look pretty similar to traditional rats. They have fuzzy brown fur and a long, thin tail- but unlike traditional rats, roof rats love to climb. Commonly, you’ll find them in trees, gutters, and anywhere off of the ground. During an infestation, they’ll chew into drywall , score lines into your siding, and even make their way through the aluminum to nest in your attic. Not even plastic or sheetrock deters them. Even worse, roof rats are known carriers of diseases like typhus. Make sure that you take out an infestation as soon as it’s discovered, to ensure that nobody in your family or neighborhood falls victim to the roof rats. Is there a way to stop the infestation before it starts, though? Absolutely!

Six Key Ways to Prevent Roof Rats

If you don’t have an infestation of roof rats, you certainly don’t want one. Roof rat exclusion begins with implementing the right prevention program. These tips can help. 

  1. Make sure all food- even pet food- is kept inside, and nothing gets left outside at night. 
  2. Prune trees and keep them away from your roofing and gutters. 
  3. Keep trash cans covered, and fix window or door screens as soon as they’re broken. 
  4. If you see cracks or holes in your siding, make sure to seal it up before anything gets inside. 
  5. Eliminate firewood standing against or near your home. 
  6. Immediately repair leaky faucets (inside or out), as well as the damaged wood around them. 

Roof Rat Extermination


If you already have an infestation, there’s only one way you can truly handle roof rat control – with the experts at CAPE Pest Control! Both licensed and competent, we’ll help you get rid of roof rats whether they’ve already created a serious problem or they’re just getting started. Even better, they’ll help you ensure that you don’t suffer the same problems again. If you’ve got problems with the roof rats, call CAPE Pest Control and get rid of them!

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