You may have heard the term Killer Bee before and thought that it was a joke since there is no actual classification for a Killer Bee, but they are real. Killer bees are Africanized honey bees, however, they have earned the label of killer bees due to their aggressive nature.

In the 1950s, South African honey bees were brought to Brazil for cross-breeding and to increase honey production. Some bees escaped and formed a hybrid with European honey bees. They spread throughout South & Central America and Mexico and started to appear in the US in the 1990s.

Due to their aggressive nature, they have become a rather problematic insect. While most people do not want a beehive near their homes , people really do not want a Killer Bee hive anywhere near their homes. When a hive is even slightly disturbed, Killer bees will swarm and attack whatever is bothering their hive. These bees have been known to chase whatever is disturbed for up to a quarter of a mile!

Africanized honey bees are adept at adapting to the situation when it comes to building a hive.  Unfortunately, they are not afraid to nest where humans live and will use whatever works best for them for their hive. This could be anything from eaves to boxes to firewood or outside of buildings.

If you suspect that you have a Killer Bee hive either on or near your property, the first thing to do is stay away from it. Keep your children and pets away from it so they do not disturb it.


Contact a bee control company that knows how to handle Killer Bees such as CAPE Pest Control.  Once informed, they will assess the situation and formulate a plan for the best way to take care of the bees. CAPE Pest Control techs know how to deal with killer bees and know the best ways to get them off your property. 


You will be able to safely enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about killer bees any longer.

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