Mice are the quintessential winter pest, and it can be a hassle to get them out of your home . They carry dangerous diseases, can spoil your food, and could even injure you and your family. They can cause massive structural damage to your home and property and create huge issues for you down the road. Don’t let the mice take your home this winter- prevent them from coming into your home with these simple tips.

Keep Mice Out!

The best way to prevent mice , of course, is to seal up your home. Without any way inside your home, they can’t possibly hope to take your food and nest in the walls. Caulking up cracks, resealing doors and windows, and closing your vents can all help prevent the monsters known as mice.

Do A Bit of House Cleaning

Another great way to keep mice out of your home is to clean up. Without things sitting in easy reach, mice will have a hard time finding and getting to your food- time that they won’t want to waste before setting up shop somewhere else. Doing a little tidying can come a long way in the world of pest control.

Outdoor Maintenance

Fruit trees and gardens can draw mice into your yard, and from there, into your home. Make sure to keep them out by keeping up on your fallen fruit, and apply some sort of guard to your trees to prevent animals from getting into them. Planting mint in your garden and fruit tree area can also help deter mice- they hate the smell. Removing any piles of debris around your yard can help deter them, too, as it gets rid of their shelter and hiding places. Plant all your bushes and shrubs at least three feet from your house, so that they can’t nest right up against the building.

Maybe the best method of mouse pest control, though, is to give us a call. We’ll help you identify any potential trouble spots and deal with any problems you already have. To learn more about preventing problems with mice or any other pests, please contact us today 

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