Termites are some of the most financially devastating pests. They can reduce an entire home to rubble, and destroy your livelihood along with it. Even worse? Drywood termites are native to Arizona, and they can be some of the worst pest infestations to have. Here are some great ways to prevent drywood termites , and a helpful tip about the best way to get rid of them once they’re in your home.

Identifying the Drywood Termite

Anyone looking for termite control probably has a good idea of what they need, but if you’re unsure about what animal you’re looking at, it might be a termite. Adult termites are typically about a half an inch long, and dark brown in color. Some of them have wings. The workers of the colony are usually only seen within the wood colony itself, but are about the same size as the winged ones, just with a pale white coloration. While some drywood termites rely on soil moisture to infect wood, others prefer to strike aboveground and go for walls, eaves, or even siding.

Termite Prevention

The best way to get rid of an infestation, of course, is to never have one at all. Luckily, there are lots of good ways to keep termites out of your property. For instance, try keeping all of your lawn shrubbery or greenery away from buildings- termites like to make a home in these, first, and from there they can jump to your home or shed. 

Similarly, if you have cracks in the foundation of your home, termites might see this as a great opportunity to wriggle in- so make sure to get those sealed up before you have a problem! If your property is rife with wood piles or loose leaves, make sure to clean them up, too, into a compost bin or a brushfire, so that they can’t shelter any termites. 

Termite Treatments

Of course, if you’re already overrun with termites, you might be wondering what your best way out is. Don’t panic just yet- there’s a simple solution! Have a termite inspection to verify the problem, then let the professionals deal with it. 


Calling a pest and termite control business like CAPE Pest Control will help you out of your termite troubles with grace, and make sure that you and your family are as safe as can be. Don’t fool around with household chemicals and traps- just call the professionals for the best termite treatments, and they’ll get your home termite-free in no time flat.

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