There’s one pest you want in your home even less than the others- and that’s a spider. There are a lot of spiders in Arizona , too- 27 different species call this state their home. Spiders can cause  a lot of damage to you and your property if not taken seriously, but there’s one spider you may not be familiar with – the Desert Recluse.

Desert Recluse Spiders

Desert Recluse spiders are one of those 27 species that Arizona can be proud of. They can be easily mistaken for a Brown Recluse- a highly deadly breed- but Desert Recluses are slightly less lethal. Desert Recluse spiders are very common here in the desert, and they’re definitely something you need to understand and look for regularly.


You can tell if a spider is a Desert Recluse in one of several different ways. They’re about a half-inch long, but their leg span can reach up to 2. They’re often tan or yellowish-tan, with a lighter brown underside. You might notice a fiddle-shaped marking on their back, or even- strangely enough- six eyes. While most spiders have eight,  Recluses are special in the fact that they’ve only got six, arranged in two pairs of three on their face.

Are There Desert Recluses In Your Home?

If you want to check for Desert Recluse spider colonies in your home, there are several different spaces to do it in.  While they predominantly live in cacti or rats’ nests, they’ll also make their homes in cinder blocks, piles of clothing, or holes in the wall. If there is an infestation, you’ll also notice their irregularly-shaped webs and maybe even egg sacs in your home. While they’re not deadly, a Desert Recluse bite has been known to display adverse symptoms- definitely something you don’t want around your kids and pets.

Dealing With Desert Recluses


If you’re looking for a quick fix on all of your Arizona spiders and the issues that come with them, do not hesitate to call CAPE Pest Control. They’re on-call day and night to help you make your home habitable again and to make sure that no one you love is hurt by dangerous pests. If you’ve noticed a Desert Recluse spider infestation or you’re more interested in spider prevention, just make the call- CAPE Pest Control can take care of it.

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