In Arizona, Roof rats can be quite a big issue. Over the last few years, many cities across the state have been struck by sudden infestations and have had to suddenly warn their residents about the dangers of these small mammals. Fortunately, it’s easy to recognize and get rid of these common pests.

What Is A Roof Rat?

Roof rats look about the same as your regular rat- a small, furry creature with a tail. But, in contrast to regular rats, roof rats have longer ears and very long tails. They can move very quickly, climb trees with ease, and cause a lot of damage to your home and property. Many times, they’ll strike quickly and chew through drywall, plastic, sheetrock, and even aluminum siding so that they can nest in your attic. But not only are they a destructive nuisance, but roof rats can also transmit deadly diseases like Typhus. It’s important to take out any infestation as soon as it’s discovered so that neither you nor your family nor your home is hurt by these small invaders. 

Signs of an Infestation

It’s easy to tell when your home has been struck by roof rats. If you’ve noticed that your pets are acting strange, or strange noises are coming from your walls and attic, it’s not a ghost- it’s just the roof rats making your home their home. Another great sign of them is actually seeing them around the neighborhood- they like to hang out on patios, powerlines, and bushes. They like to hollow out fallen fruit, so if you have any fruit trees in your yard, take a look at the innards of the windfalls. 

Prevention and Solution

Roof rats can be tough to get rid of, but they can be easily prevented. Pick up any food left outside, even pet food. Cover your trash cans tightly and regularly prune trees. Replace any screens on your windows or doors as soon as they’re broken, and be quick to repair any cracks in your home. Fix any damaged faucets or air conditioners, and make sure that no wood is leaning up against your house.


But getting rid of the roof rats should always be done by professionals. At CAPE Pest Control, it’s simple, easy, and pain-free to get rid of pests. Just give us a call and you’re steps away from helping your house make a full recovery from roof rats.

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