It’s the middle of winter, and it’s pest primetime. If you’ve been noticing some strange events around your home, they’re more than likely due to the influence of common household pests- like the pantry pest. These small bugs are more dangerous than you might think, but they’re fairly easy to remove if you have the right tools.

Pantry Pest Identification

The term “pantry pests” is actually a catchall for several different types of insects that like to hang out in your pantry. These little bugs in flour often include beetles, like the Cigarette Beetle or the Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle, or moths, like the Indian Meal Moth. All of these pests are small and brown, although only the moths are winged. While they can infest your food from within your home, it’s more likely that they hopped in while the food was at the store, or even being shipped to the store. They can be nuisances to remove, but thankfully, they don’t carry any harmful diseases.

DIY Flour Bugs Removal

If you’re looking to keep your pantry safe from these pests, there are plenty of simple steps to take.

  • Always make sure to store your dry food products– flour, cereal, and even dried fruit — in airtight containers, and clean your pantry shelves regularly.
  • Never combine old and new food products into one container unless you’re certain there are no bugs in either.
  • Make sure to clean containers before putting food in them, too!

How To Get Rid of Pantry Pests (For Good!)


But if you’re already infested with pantry pests, it can be difficult to get rid of them on your own. Instead of fiddling around with home remedies and expensive do-it-yourself ideas to get rid of pantry pest products, just call the professionals at CAPE Pest Control. With competent and quick service, your home will be pest-free before you know it, at minimal risk to your property and loved ones. Keep your pantry safe– with CAPE Pest Control.

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