Bees are some of nature’s greatest insects. They make honey and keep plants and animals growing through pollination. There’s really nothing to dislike- and if you leave them alone, you won’t get stung. But when these wonderful bugs are nesting inside your home, you don’t really want to share the same space as them- and you’re at twice the risk of injury. Here are some great home bee prevention tips from the experts at CAPE Pest Control.


Checking If Your Property Is A Target

Before you even start to think about preventative measures, you’ll probably want to know how much danger your home is actually in. If your home is rural, or located near a lot of farms, it’s more likely that bees will choose your space to nest in, since it’s so close to their food sources. Similarly, if your home is near a coast, and in a moderate climate, bees will also flock there, because of the abundance of vegetation . Beehives survive very well in these areas.

Keep Bees Out

The first thing you want to do to bee-proof your home is to plug up any holes they might get in through. Bees can commonly fit through holes a quarter of an inch in size, which probably includes almost every nook and cranny on your property. Blocking these can also help prevent other pests in the long run, so there’s really nothing you lose by spending a day with some caulk.

Getting Them Out Once They’re There

The more difficult part of trying to prevent bees . . . is to get rid of  bees that have already made a home inside yours. If you already have them, you need to get rid of them before you can work on keeping them out. After all, you might inadvertently block them from leaving your house at all and filling your property with an entire swarm of very angry insects. If your home has one or more bee hives in it, it’s time to call a professional before you can practice bee prevention.


Talk to a great expert at CAPE Pest Control to find a solution. CAPE Pest Control can help you and your family minimize the problem with the least amount of damage to you and your home.

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