There’s nothing worse than heading out to enjoy your outdoor living space only to be invaded by mosquitoes. Scratching at their itchy bites is one problem, but maybe the more serious issue is that these pests carry dangerous viruses like West Nile and Zika. They’ll lay their eggs almost anywhere you can find standing water, which makes them a serious menace. Is there a way to control mosquitoes as you enjoy your outdoor living space this fall? Absolutely.

Getting Mosquitos Away From Your Home

The easiest way to decrease mosquito populations in and around your home is to get rid of all of the standing water in the area- ponds, pools , puddles, and even leaky hoses can become breeding grounds for bugs. Sometimes, mosquitos will even lay their eggs in particularly moist soil and wait for the area to flood. A quick outdoor examination will help you find and dump all of that standing water so you can keep the mosquitoes out of your space.

Catching What’s Already There

Just taking care of the standing water, though, doesn’t solve all of your problems! Mosquitos can still come over to your yard from less-careful neighbors, or it’s possible you haven’t even spotted their breeding ground. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of adult mosquitos, too. Mosquito repellent can keep them away from both you and your yard but cannot really keep them from coming back. 

In a similar vein, residual insecticides can also keep mosquitos away. There are lots of different brands and types of insecticides, but you should shop carefully before you spray your yard and make sure to keep them away from ponds and other bodies of water. You don’t want to hurt anything except the mosquitos, after all!

Surefire Mosquito Control


The best- and, maybe the simplest- way to get rid of mosquitos , though, is to call a pest control service like CAPE Pest Control. They can get rid of anything you need, from mosquitos to rats, and they’ll do it with the least amount of damage to your home and property. Best of all, though, is how quickly CAPE Pest Control can deal with your mosquito issue- and they’ll do their best to make sure that it doesn’t bug you again.


CAPE Pest Control offers a cutting edge technology system where we place and monitor stations or mosquito buckets in your yard. These stations provide two modes of action working in tandem to both control adult mosquitoes and keep larva from reaching adulthood.


Want more information? Contact CAPE Pest Control to learn more about our innovative backyard mosquito control methods at 480-800-3777.

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