Arizona has a lot of pests. But in order to control all of them, you’ll need some sweeping plans and ideas. Not every pest can be prevented in the same way, but luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent an infestation.

Pest Prevention

Wondering how to keep pests out ? That’s a question with a lot of different answers. Many pests are repelled by the same things; for example, almost all pests are less likely to enter your home if you keep any plants or shrubbery trimmed away from your foundation, and prevent wood piles from building up around both your home and any outbuildings. Keeping fallen fruit and trash cans picked up and sealed can also help, as well as getting rid of any standing puddles after a rainstorm. Waterproofing your doors and windows is also a great idea to prevent the spread of pests.

Specific Pest Control Tips

If you’re looking to prevent some specific pests, though, a little more information may prove helpful.

  • Spiders can be repelled by both basil and peppermint. Planting some around is a great idea; in addition to getting rid of pests, they’re great to cook with!
  • Mosquitos like to congregate around standing water. If you keep a birdbath in your yard, or have an uncovered swimming pool, you’re more likely to find a mosquito infestation on your hands. Keep an eye on any standing water, and make sure to clean it regularly to get rid of any mosquito eggs that may have found a home there.
  • Scorpions are a common Arizona pest ! You can get rid of them by sealing up any food that might be lying around. If pests don’t have a food source, they’re less likely to become a problem in your home.

How To Keep Pests OUT


No matter what kind of pest you’re looking to get out of your home, the professionals at CAPE Pest Control can help. As an officially licensed pest control service , CAPE Pest Control is one of the best people to call when you’ve got an infestation. With our competent and quick pest control, Mesa homes and businesses will be ready before you know it- and before anything else can go wrong.

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