Living in Arizona, or anywhere where the temperatures are more warm than cold, you have most likely had some type of problem encounter with ants in your home or yard. We have heard of people moving into higher-floor apartments and condos hoping to get away from ants, but the unfortunate truth is, that ants can get to you no matter where you live.

Ants most often invade your living space looking for food, and they can get all over everything, which can be frustrating, annoying and off-putting. Calling in an ant pest control expert to find and get to the bottom of your problem is your best bet but there are a few things you can do to help prevent ants in your home. These will also help ant control experts solve your problem quickly and effectively.

Try to figure out how the ants are getting into your home. Even brand new homes have can have spots where ants can find their way in. If you can close off their way into your home, it is a great first step in the fight against ants. It may not however be the only thing you need to do.

The next thing you want to do is see where they are going. What is the attraction in your home? Ants are always attracted by crumbs or food that is left out. It is important to clean your dishes after you are done eating because dishes left in the sink are a beacon for ants.

Any ant pest control expert will tell you if you remove the food, ants will find another home with easy to find food. Ants do not like the taste or smell of peppermint oil, cloves, cinnamon or bay leaves. These can help make ants think twice about spending too much time in your home.


There are sprays and traps you can use for DIY ant control, but these are not always useful or helpful. They can often make the issue worse. The quickest and most effective way to treat ants in your home is to call an ant control pest expert like CAPE Pest Control. Not only will they treat the ant problem, but they’ll give you tips on how to avoid problems in the future. No one likes ants but there are things you can do to minimize their impact on your life.

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