You may not think that Arizona is a hotbed for mosquitoes but it is. Arizona is actually an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. There is often ample moisture for them to lay eggs, plenty of people for them to feed on, and year-round warm temperatures to thrive in. 

While mosquitoes are extremely annoying in many ways, they can also be considered dangerous. Mosquitoes that are not controlled can grow to large swarms that can feed on people, pets, and other animals. They leave behind itchy welts that can take a long time to go away. Some people are more affected by mosquito bites than others.

The Constant Biting…

The constant biting of mosquitoes is extremely frustrating and can also be dangerous.  Mosquitoes can carry any number of diseases, such as malaria, and this can be transmitted by a mosquito bite. Whenever a mosquito bites a person or animal, they also inject some of their saliva into the wound which is how the disease can be moved from one living thing to another. This is also why outdoor mosquito control is so necessary.

When you have areas near your home that have areas of standing water, such as ponds, birdbaths or reservoirs, this should be something to take note of. Mosquitoes will be drawn to these areas to lay their eggs. Nymphs will hatch from the eggs laid there and swarm out of the area. If standing water can be drained or at least maintained then the number of mosquitoes around your home should decrease in number.

Outside Help for Mosquitoes

Mosquito control should be something that you take seriously here in the Phoenix Valley. Sometimes people can think that because Phoenix has hot dry weather most of the time mosquitoes aren’t an issue. But there are so many ponds, pools, reservoirs and other places that can be home to mosquitoes and are a breeding ground. 

And worse, when there are no ideal locations, mosquitoes are able to adapt well to their environment and can flourish even when not in their natural habitat.


CAPE Pest Control has dealt with backyard mosquito control for many years, and we know how to find and eliminate them. If you suspect that you have mosquitoes living and breeding nearby you can contact us for a free evaluation. 


We can then tell you of our findings and what can be done to bring them under control. Once we are finished you can go outside without worrying about becoming a grand feast for hungry mosquitoes.

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