It’s monsoon season again, and that means there’s something much bigger looming on the horizon- scorpion mating season . If you don’t want your house overrun with these small, venomous pests, here are some helpful tips for keeping the many scorpions in Arizona out of your home and property during mating season.

Outdoor Scorpion Prevention

The easiest way to  prevent a scorpion problem is to do so from the outside. Make sure your bushes and shrubs are trimmed away from buildings- scorpions like to hide in the shade, and might decide that your front bushes are a better place to hide out than the desert. Move any log piles, tool collections, stray piles of loose leaves or sticks, and even raised pet food bowls away from any buildings on your property so that scorpions don’t use them for shelter. After you’ve trimmed your lawn, turn your eyes on the buildings- are there any noticeable cracks in the foundations that the scorpions might come through? Are your windows and doors tightly sealed, so as to not let them inside? Are there any cracks or seams in your roof or gutters that might harbor a safe haven for these dangerous arachnids? If there are, make sure you get to work on sealing all of them up, especially as the mating season draws ever nearer.

Indoor Scorpion Prevention

Your home is the last line of defense against scorpions. In fact, it’s the place they want to be the most- with air conditioning, dark corners, and plenty of food, you might say that it’s a scorpion’s favorite place to be. But it’s almost definitely not your favorite place to find scorpions, and that’s where indoor prevention comes in. To ensure that your home isn’t the best place for scorpions, make sure that none of your plumbing is leaking and that there are no ongoing insect infestations in your home. These small details can make your home a scorpion hotspot, solely because you’re providing them with the necessary resources to live and thrive. If you don’t provide food and water for the scorpions, they won’t stick around.

Scorpion Pest Control

If you do have a scorpion problem, we can help. Offering some of the best scorpion pest control methods available, we’ll help you find your problem, deal with it, and prevent it from happening in the future. To learn more, contact us today. 

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