There are few things creepier than cockroaches, but the creepy factor isn’t the biggest problem. Instead, they’re well known to cause both health issues and damage to household items. More than that, they spread very quickly, and if you don’t tackle cockroach control as soon as possible, it can lead to a massive infestation. Unfortunately, there is no “cockroach season.” Instead, they’re a year-round problem. 

Cockroach Removal

Once you’ve identified a cockroach problem, you have two primary ways to get rid of them. You can try a DIY method , but there are problems with that approach. It may help to understand exactly what it means to be infested with cockroaches. When roaches invade your home, they hide in a variety of places – primarily dark, narrow places that are hard to access. Using a DIY spray, then, can’t effectively reach those roaches you can’t see. Maybe even worse is the fact that DIY sprays put poisons on the surfaces you, your family, and your pets use every single day. 

The better method? Hiring a professional service for cockroach removal. Professional pest control services often offer a wide range of services that include roach control. They’ll begin with an initial assessment, then help you understand how to move forward with cockroach removal. There are a number of steps that you are required to follow for a successful roach removal process. For starters, make sure that your house is clean before the initial visit of the pest control contractor. The idea behind cleaning your home is to remove any food sources for the pests from the house. The cockroaches will easily be attracted to the bait if there are no alternative food sources to attract them. 

More importantly, make sure that there small items and appliances are removed from the countertop. If there is any food in the house, cover it to avoid contamination. You’ll also want to remove pet food and water dishes. Your pest control expert may ask you to do a few other things as well, so be sure you follow all of the possible instructions. 

Cockroach Prevention

Often, once you’ve had one infestation, you may end up with another. A professional pest control team can help give you a few pointers on how to prevent cockroaches from invading in the future. Often simple steps like keeping a lid on your trash and sealing potential points of entry will help solve the problem. 

Cockroach control is possible, even if you already have an infestation. To learn more about how we can help you get rid of cockroaches immediately, contact us today 

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