In the office, you don’t want anything to disturb your work hours- and that includes common infestations like mice, termites, and ants. Instead of investing in costly after-the-fact office pest control , why not look at a couple of the best preventative pest control measures instead?

Tips that Work Everywhere, Even the Office

There are a few ideas that apply to almost every pest that might be making its way into your office this year. 

  • Keep any outdoor branches or bushes trimmed away from the exterior of the building, and watch out for debris building up against your siding or foundation. 
  • Keep outdoor fallen fruit, broken trash cans, or standing puddles of water to a minimum. 
  • Make sure to weatherproof all of your doors and windows, and seal up cracks in the siding, foundation, or entries as they develop. 
  • Keep food in sealed containers , and sweep and vacuum the space regularly. 

All of these are easy ways for pests like rats, spiders, or even mosquitos to find their way into your office, breed, and find easy food sources. It’s best to make them stay away- by hiding or destroying any places where they might find shelter or food.

A Few Specifics

Not all pest control tips, though, make sense in the office. So, how do you keep pests out of the office? These tips can help make that happen. 

  • Take Care of the Trash: Trash is a fact of life in every single office, but this is one place where it’s easy to forget to properly dispose of waste. Ensure your clean-up crew puts garbage in covered bins every single evening, and encourage your employees to throw food waste in just one single sealed container. 
  • Keep Clutter Out: Offices can be fairly cluttered spaces at times. You’ll not only improve your workflow but also keep your office pest-free if you keep clutter out of your space. Pests love to hide in cluttered areas, so be sure your office (even the storage areas) is as organized as possible. 
  • Have Regular Inspections: The last thing you want a potential client to see is a pest when they visit your offices. Use a trusted commercial pest control company to perform regular inspections of your space to keep pests at bay. 

If You’re Already Infested


If you’re already infested, though, you might not want to be looking for preventive tips about common pests. Instead, you want the   best pest control for the office – CAPE Pest Control. With our competitive rates, courteous service, and prompt timing, you know exactly who to call if you’re ready for the best office pest control .

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