Mice are one of the best-known pests in America. They’re vilified in television, movies, almost all media- and for good reason. Left unchecked, a mouse infestation can ruin your home, harm your family, and destroy your finances. Before you let that happen, though, there are some key steps you can take to end the problem.

Mice Control Begins With Identification

If you’re noticing the telltale signs of infestation in your home, it might be time to reevaluate. But if you don’t know what those signs might be, you might not know that it’s time to get mice out of your home. You can typically tell when mice are in your home because you’ve been noticing teeth-marks on your furniture or objects in your home; you’ve noticed small tracks across your floors; you’ve seen mouse droppings or other debris; or you’ve actively sighted a mouse in your home. You might even notice a nesting area- a collection of shredded newspapers, pieces of string, and other materials, curled up in a shoebox or a corner. 

Prevention is Key

There are several different ways you can ensure that your house never needs the help of a   mouse and rodent control team in the first place. Since mice often enter homes through cracks in the windows, door, or foundation, make sure every entry point is neatly sealed. Keep bushes, trees, and shrubbery pruned away from your home to make sure that there are no cracks concealed, and that mice can’t make their nests in dark corners. Make sure that they don’t have any way of getting food, outside or in-seal up any unfinished meals, and if you need, take care of your garden. Don’t let any fruit fall without picking it up. Even rotten fruit can provide a fertile feeding ground for pests. 

You might even consider planting some mint- in addition to smelling good and making a great tea, mint acts as a natural pest deterrent, and wards off mice, rats, and even spiders. 

Inside, there are other things you can do. Make sure all of your food is kept in tightly sealed containers. Sweep and vacuum regularly, and don’t leave dishes in the sink. You’ll also want to ensure your trash can is tightly covered. 

Already Have an Infestation? Let Us Help


But if you’ve already got an infestation, there’s only one thing left to do- call the professionals at CAPE Pest Control. Mouse infestations are big deals, and you need the most competent and courteous service you can find- which is why you go to CAPE Pest Control first. Our licensed team of professionals can help protect you, your home, and your family from the huge financial and emotional losses that come with any infestation, even if it’s not just the mice. Make sure your home is safe- with CAPE Pest Control!

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