Scorpions appear all over Arizona. In fact, many people in the Phoenix metro area have scorpion issues, especially this time of year. How can you tell if you might have a scorpion problem, and what can you do to ensure scorpion control near your property? Keep reading to learn more!

Do You Have a Problem?

The risk of a scorpion infestation actually goes up as the temperature here does. If you’ve seen one, you’re likely to find others. Scorpions tend to stay in spaces where there are cool, shady spots, so if you have lots of those in your yard, you may already have an issue. Citrus trees also tend to attract them, particularly the Arizona Bark Scorpion . This species loves the area that surrounds citrus trees, so if you have one or two on your property, you can expect scorpions to follow.  Another sure sign you might have scorpions is if you’ve noticed more crickets and cockroaches recently. Wondering what the connection is? Scorpions are always on the hunt for food, so if you have plenty of smaller insects around, the chances are good that you have scorpions, too. 

The Best Scorpion Control is Prevention!

The best way to get scorpion control on your property is to prevent them from arriving in the first place. There are a few things that attract them to homes like yours. Standing water is one big attraction. Scorpions, like all creatures, are always on the hunt for standing water, and ensuring your home and the spaces around it drain well is one solid way to prevent a scorpion infestation. You’ll also want to seal the cracks and crevices around your doors and windows so they can’t actually get in your home. Moreover, be sure you clear away any brush or debris from the perimeter of your home. 

If You Do Have a Problem


If you already have a problem, your best bet to handle it is to contact a scorpion removal company like CAPE Pest ControlWe specialize in scorpion removal, and we’ll be happy to help you completely eliminate the problem. To learn more, contact us today.

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