When your house is the only warm thing around for miles, that can make it a hotspot for common winter pests in Arizona. Two of the worst ones you might find in an average year are silverfish and firebrats– but what are these nuisance wormlike pests, and how do you keep them out of your home?

What Are Silverfish and Firebrats?

Silverfish and firebrats are two very similar organisms. Silverfish are typically pearly gray or silver in color, which is what gave them their name. They can grow to be three-quarters of an inch long. In contrast, firebrats are brown or mottled gray, and only grow to be about half an inch long. Both of these bugs like to feed on paper, so if you’ve been finding strange, irregularly-sized holes on the edges of your rare book collection, it’s a good sign that you’ve got an infestation.

Silverfish and Firebrat Prevention

Thankfully, it’s easy to prevent a silverfish or firebrat infestation. Make sure that all of your underground areas and bathrooms- including any room that might be in your basement- are kept dry at all times. Make sure to keep your closets and cabinets clean, too, as this can provide a place for the silverfish or firebrats to make their nests. Both of these pests love moisture, so keep up on the plumbing maintenance as well.

Pest Control


But if you’re looking for a surefire way to get rid of silverfish and firebrats, there’s no one better to call that CAPE Pest Control. As a licensed pest control service, we’re dedicated to making sure your home and your family are safe from potentially dangerous infestations of winter pests. Arizona has more than its share of pests, but with our quick and competent service, your home will be free from silverfish and firebrats in as little time as possible. Keep your home safe- with CAPE Pest Control!


Photo courtesy of https://www.pestworld.org/

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