Spiders are a quintessential household pest, and it’s common knowledge that you don’t want them in your home. With their sticky webs, too many eyes, and penchant for crawling around where you don’t want them, they can turn into a household nuisance if left unchecked. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to get rid of spiders .

Types of Spiders in Arizona

While outside you’ll see hundreds of different spiders throughout the state, there are a few common ones you might find inside your home. The wolf spider is a fairly harmless house spider. They prefer to live outside but often find their way in. They’re fairly big, so they look intimidating, but they don’t bite people usually. They like to hide in darker spaces like under tables or chairs 

The house spider, sometimes called the Southern house spider, is called that for a reason. It’s usually found inside the home. You’ll know these thanks to the brown, small, paper-like egg sacs you might see in their webs. While many people confuse them with a brown recluse, they’re fairly harmless. 

The brown recluse, though, may also live in your home. It’s a solitary creature, and they hide as best they can. You typically find webs in attics and outbuildings, but they’ll create hiding spots in cluttered indoor spaces, too. They’re fairly dangerous, so if you think you have a problem, calling the professionals is a must. 

You may also find black widow spiders in homes in Arizona. A bite from the female can be fairly dangerous, but you usually only find these creatures near debris or clutter. 

Keeping Spiders Out of Your Home

If you don’t want creepy-crawlies making your home theirs, learning how to control spiders is key. There are several ways to keep them out of your home. Make sure that all cracks or holes in your siding, walls or even your foundation are neatly cleaned up and sealed. Trim down any shrubbery or trees that are right up next to your house, so that nothing can get into your house from the bushes. Remember to regularly dust around the house, so that webs can’t build up in dark corners. If you’re noticing an influx of arachnids, it might be a good idea to check your ventilation system as well.

How To Control A Spider Infestation


Even harmless spiders can turn dangerous if left unchecked. Before they do damage to your home, property, or loved ones, make sure to call a competent, courteous, and fully licensed pest control company like CAPE Pest Control. CAPE Pest Control offers fast spider removal , and even better, they’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. Whether you need immediate spider pest control or preventative control, CAPE Pest Control is there to make sure it gets done.

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