Everybody hates spiders, and they’re a pest you don’t want in your home. While some species, like Orb Weavers or Jumping Spiders, can help keep other insects out of your home and lawn, some are venomous and likely to strike out at you and your family. Here are some ideas on the identification, treatment, and prevention of spiders around your home.

Why Are There So Many Spiders Here?

Spiders are often drawn to locations like your home, yard, or garage because of a pre-existing issue-insect population. Spiders eat many different types of insects, so the more bugs you’ve got around your home, the more likely you’re going to be getting a lot of visits from everyone’s favorite arachnids. Spiders also make their homes under rocks, in woodpiles, and in bushes, which can all provide excellent cover to hide from humans who want to take them out. Even houseplants can carry spiders into your home.

Spider Removal


The best way to deal with any infestation is always to call the pros. At CAPE Pest Control, spiders are no sweat- it’s easy to find and locate any nooks and crannies where they may be hiding. But if you’re looking to do a little prep work on your own, your best bet is to start by knocking down any webs you see. These are where the spiders make their homes, and also how they attract food. With no food source, you won’t be seeing as many spiders around.


Spider Prevention

But even if you don’t have an infestation right now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have one in the future! There are plenty of ways to make sure that spiders stay out of your home for good. As soon as you see the webs, knock them down. Make sure any cracks in your windows, foundation, siding, or anywhere else in your home are sealed up tight so that no spiders can get in. Takedown some of your outdoor lightings, or exchange white bulbs for yellow ones so that bugs are less attracted to your home- therefore not bringing any spiders with them! Finally, keep the number of woodpiles and roofing tiles, and clutter around your lawn to a minimum. These can become a spider’s favorite place to hide out, which is the exact opposite of what you want!

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