Spring is a lovely season, and it’s exciting to actually feel the sun again. But each season comes with a new wave of annoyances, and spring is well-known for its heralding of that quintessential pest- the mosquito.

Noticing The Beasts

Mosquitos are small insects , only about 3 to 9 millimeters long, with one set of wings and an arched body. It’s likely that you’ve seen them before, as they make their homes all around the globe. They’re more than just a nuisance, however, because they’ve been known to carry dangerous diseases like the Zika virus or even the West Nile Virus. Their bites cause an allergic reaction in human skin, which makes the site itchy for a few days after the bite.

Mosquito Prevention and Removal

There are several other ways of preventing mosquitos. Since they breed in pools or puddles of stagnant water, make sure to keep your yard free of those. Also, use screens and weather-proofing on your house to prevent them from gaining access. Stay indoors at dusk and dawn to prevent bites, and wear light-colored clothing during the day to lessen the risk of getting bitten. 


CAPE Pest Control has some great ways of keeping pests away from your home. One of these is our cutting-edge system for mosquito removal. We use the In2Care mosquito trapping system, which installs two stations in your yard- one that kills the adult mosquitos, and another that kills their larvae. Thanks to a solution within the traps themselves, the mosquitos will spread the treatment throughout all stagnant water sources that they could use to breed- preventing the creation of a second generation.


If you’re ready to learn more about our mosquito removal system or you just want a few additional tips on how to keep them off your property, give us a call today 

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