It’s termite season again, and you know what that means- thousands of dollars in property damage could potentially be heading your way. If you’d like to keep your house and livelihood this fall, understanding how to identify termites and what you can do to prevent a problem is key.

Identifying Termites

Termites are a pretty easy bug to identify. They’re about half an inch long, colored with white or brown pigmentation and small pincers. It’s easier, though, to identify them by the marks they leave behind: patterns of discolored drywall, peeling paint, hollow walls, broken wooden furniture, and small pockmarked holes in your drywall . You might also see muddy tube-like structures leading up to and beside the foundation of your home, which is where the termites like to nest when they’re not inside the walls. You might also notice them in brush piles or bushes around your home because wood is wood and they’re not picky.

Termites are a pretty easy pest to prevent. Only use treated wood when building things on your property, whether it be a new home addition or a tool shed. Keep woodpiles and shrubbery away from any buildings or structures on your property, and keep all of your doors, vents, and windows properly sealed. Make sure to take care of standing water outside of your home, because that attracts both termites and other pests, like mice and mosquitoes. Book a termite screening annually to ensure that your house remains termite-free as long as you’re living there.

Termite Pest Control


The best way to get rid of the termites you’ve already got, though, has to be going with a great group of licensed professionals like CAPE Pest Control. To save your home, your business, and even your loved ones from the dreaded menace that termites are, call CAPE Pest Control for the best termite treatments in Arizona . They’re courteous, protect your home, and care about your family and property. They’ll ensure that your home is termite-free and that no more will come back for a good while. Go with the best- and keep termites out of your home with CAPE Pest Control.

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