Termites are the quintessential home pest, and with their widespread destruction comes a curse- they’re really hard to get out of your home! Thankfully with CAPE Pest Control, termite removal is possible, even if they’ve been infesting your home for years.


Recognizing A Termite Infestation

The hardest part about any home pest is recognizing when they’re in your home. Termites often leave behind patterns of discolored drywall, peeling paint, hollow-sounding walls and wooden furniture, and small holes in the drywall of your home. They also can create mud tubes leading up to and around the foundation of your house, and they could be attracted to woodpiles and overgrown plants around your home. The best way to recognize an infestation, though, is if you see them- termites are a little under half an inch long, with white or brown bodies. They have soft bodies and pincers. 


The Best Way To Get Rid of Termites

Of course, the best- and easiest- way to deal with termite removal in and around Phoenix is to call a qualified pest management company like CAPE Pest Control. A licensed company can help minimize damage to your home, property, and family, and with proper termite treatment methods of non-repellant termiticides termites will get out of your home, and it will prevent them from coming back.


Preventing Termites

 Once you’ve gotten them out of your home, it’s possible you could deal with them again in the future. To prevent another infestation, make sure to use treated wood in any outdoor projects and keep woodpiles away from your buildings. Keep your vents, windows, and doors all properly sealed, so no water builds up in your house and attracts pests. And, most importantly, make sure you double-check your house every year for signs of an infestation or hire professionals like CAPE Pest Control to inspect for you. The faster termites are caught, the less damage they will do to your home.


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