No matter where you live in the United States, the chances are good that at some point, you’ll experience a mouse infestation. It’s one of the single most common pest control problems in Arizona and throughout the country, and understanding how to get rid of mice in your house is an absolute must. Fortunately, these tips can help.

  • Consider How They’re Getting In : Mice pest control begins with eliminating the way they’re getting in initially. Do an inspection both in and outside of your home. Remember that they can get in any spaces that a pencil could fit through. Seal those cracks, paying special attention to the foundation of your home as well as spaces where utility pipes and vents come in. You may want to seal using steel wool and caulk, as mice can gnaw through a number of things like plastic and rubber. 
  • Clean-Up : Keeping your home clean won’t get rid of the mouse problem you’re dealing with, but leaving a mess will certainly attract more. Remember that mice are incredibly tiny, so just a few crumbs will help them survive for quite some time in your house. Vacuum your floors on a regular basis, and be sure to wipe your counters down daily. Make certain all of the food in your home is stored in an airtight container, and consider putting a lid on your garbage can. Mice can chew through almost anything, so if there’s accessible food, they’ll find it. 
  • Trap Carefully : Most people turn to the mousetrap to deal with the problem, and while this can be a good way to handle it, be careful. You’ll want to place your traps in the right spot to truly attract mice, and more than that, you’ll want to place them safely so children and pets can’t access them. If you do catch a mouse, dispose of it carefully.


Handling it the Easy Way

 Mice control can actually be even easier than following those tips. One call to CAPE Pest Control can have professional mice removal to your doorstep in a matter of hours. If you’re looking for a simpler way to get rid of mice in your house, give us a call today.

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