It’s mosquito season, again, Arizona, and if you’re not looking out for the little bloodsuckers, you might end up with some itchy bites- or worse. Controlling your autumn mosquitoes, though, is easier than you might imagine.

Seeing the Mosquitos

If you’re noticing some bugs around your yard, but you’re not sure what they are, rest easy- it’s simple to spot a mosquito. Mosquitos are usually about 3 to 9 millimeters long (tiny!) with an arched body and only one set of wings. While you’ve probably seen their nests before- they like to lay their eggs in stagnant puddles of water- what you might not know is that they’ve been known to carry dangerous diseases. Everything from West Nile Virus to Zika, mosquitos have carted it across the globe. 

Mosquito Yard Treatment

If you’ve got mosquitos in your yard, it’s time to learn how to control mosquitoes , and there’s one key way to do it – a bit of outdoor work. Eliminate any standing puddles in your yard, which can reduce mosquitos’ breeding locations. You can try stopping up any cracks or holes in your home, as well as using weather-proofing and screens to ensure that mosquitos don’t come any farther into buildings on your property. If you’re hoping not to get bitten, consider staying in during peak hours like just before sunrise and right as dusk is falling. You can also lessen the risk of being bitten by wearing light-colored clothing, like pastels or khaki.

The Best Mosquito Treatment


Of course, there’s only one treatment that will get rid of the mosquitos for good . It’s calling the professionals at CAPE Pest Control, where we use an In2Care solution for your mosquito pest removal . With the In2Care method, two stations are installed around your yard- one for the adult mosquitos, and one for their larvae. These two stations will cause mosquitos to track a compound to their mates and offspring that will quickly get rid of the problems in your yard. When you’re looking for mosquito removal, there’s really only one place to look-  CAPE Pest Control mosquito control services and our patented In2Care solution.

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