Rodent infestations  are incredibly common, especially in the winter months in Arizona. After all, they’re looking for food, water, and shelter, and often homes can provide them with just that. No one wants to deal with a rodent infestation , though, so how do you keep mice out during the winter months and at any time of year? These tips can help. 

  • Seal your Home: One of the best ways to keep mice out is to seal any potential entry points around your home. Mice need an opening just the size of a dime to fit into your home, and even if the hole doesn’t begin at that size, they can gnaw a bigger space to squeeze in. Do a quick inspection of the outside of your home. Any place where you have some space, seal it up with caulk and steel wool – a substance they cannot gnaw through. If you have weather stripping in spaces, be sure to replace it, and screen both your vents and the opening to your chimney. 
  • Do Some Pruning: Shrubs and branches are a great way to invite mice into your home . If you’d rather prevent mice, though, you’ll want to cut off their access by cutting off those shrubs and branches. Anything that comes up next to your house should be carefully pruned away from your home. 
  • Keep Things Dry: Mice want food, water, and shelter, and you’re creating a real problem if you experience leaks or other moisture issues. Keep your attic and crawl space well ventilated and as dry as possible. If you know you have a moisture problem, be sure to use a dehumidifier to deal with it immediately. Repair any known leaks as soon as possible, too. 


The best mouse pest control begins with the help of a professional. Whether you’ve experienced an infestation in the past or you just want to be certain you’re not dealing with one now, we can help. Give CAPE Pest Control a call today to learn more.

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