Black widow spiders are not common in households, but that does not mean that you are entirely safe from them. In fact, if they are in your home, you’re likely to see them where you least expect them: in the dark, scary corners of your home where you may not even notice they’ve built a home for themselves. What can you do to get rid of black widows or prevent them from coming in at all? These black widow prevention tips can help. 

  • Outside Your Home: Black widow spiders are a bit picky, and good prevention begins outside your home. Be sure you remove any debris around your house. From unused piles of junk lumber to stones and other piles of junk, keeping piles of things well away from your house is a good starting place. You’re also going to want to cut down any heavy vegetation near the house. Lots of grass, mulch, or bushes near the house are the ideal hiding space for these spiders, and it might just serve as a gateway for them to come in. 
  • Inside Your Home: Just as spiders like plenty of hiding spots outside, they’d prefer that inside as well. Keep the clutter to an absolute minimum in your home, and be sure to vacuum , dust, and sweep those dark crevices in your home on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for webs, too. What do black widow webs look like? They’re usually irregularly shaped and built near ground level.
  • Handle Black Widow Spider Removal Carefully : The black widow spider removal process is fairly complicated, as they’re dangerous creatures. Their bites can affect your nervous system and cause a severe reaction, so if you think you have a black widow problem in or around your home, be sure to contact a professional immediately. 


Black widow spider problems in the home aren’t very common, but be careful if you begin to notice they’re an issue around your home and contact CAPE Pest Control today at (480) 800-3777 . We will come out and take a look at your spider problem.

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