Summer is a great season- pool parties, barbeques on the back deck- but a lot of common pests like to make summer their home, too. One of the most annoying of these pests are ticks. If you don’t want your pets or your kids carrying pests into your home this season, here are some great tips and tricks about what to do with ticks.

Know How to Spot Ticks

One of the easiest ways to tell if your lawn is tick-friendly is called a tick drag . Cut about a five-inch swath of fabric and tie it around an 18-inch pole. Drag that across your lawn- the ticks, if they’re there, will jump onto the fabric . When you finish, if there are a lot of ticks on the fabric- you’ve got a problem. Even if you don’t find anything, though, it might pay off to be on the lookout.

Keeping Your Lawn Clean

One of the easiest ways of pest control is to keep your grass short. Ticks hide and breed in tall grass and overgrown shrubbery, so cutting it to about 3 or 4 inches will be great for keeping your kids and pets safe. Moreover, providing a barrier between your lawn and nearby wooded areas will also keep them out. This is simple to do- just provide a 3-foot-thick line of mulch across the boundary between your house and the woods. This will serve two purposes- to keep ticks from crossing it without a host, and to remind your family to stay on the lookout when venturing into the woods.

The Best Way To Get Rid of Ticks


 The best way to get rid of ticks, though, is to contact a professional pest control company . CAPE Pest Control is a licensed pest removal specialist and will waste no time getting all the ticks out of your yard. With a professional attitude, quick service, and a great track record to boot- why would you spend the effort to get rid of pests , when you could just call CAPE Pest Control instead?

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