Arizona scorpions are a serious nuisance, but most people who live here deal with them at some point. It’s unfortunate because they can get into your house, your property, or even invade your business. T he sting of a scorpion can be painful and in some rare cases be serious (of medical importance) in the case of elderly, small pets, or young children . So what’s the best solution for getting rid of scorpions when they’ve invaded your space? A good solution starts with a solid understanding of the problem.

What Is A Scorpion?

When they’re in your house, scorpions can be hard to spot and easily mistaken for other types of bugs. However, you can tell if something is a scorpion because of its arched tail , usually tipped in a stinger, and its coloration. Scorpions can range from yellow to black, and measure about two inches long. They’re mostly nocturnal and hide in dark places like under the bed, at the edge of your cabinets, or in your garden. There are several different types of scorpions in Arizona, with the most common being desert scorpions and Arizona bark scorpions . Most aren’t poisonous, but they can sting, much like a bee or a wasp.

Getting Rid Of Scorpions


The best way to get rid of scorpions, of course, is to call a licensed pest management company like CAPE Pest Control. The scorpion experts at CAPE Pest Control will treat your home in the best, most safe, and effective manner. The professionals at CAPE Pest Control offer custom specialty plans to take care of your scorpion problem depending on your needs.


 Moreover, a licensed pest control service like CAPE Pest Control will make sure that the scorpions do the least amount of damage to your home and property. They’ve got all the experience and knowledge needed to keep you and your family safe from scorpions.


Do-It-Yourself Ideas

 But while you’re waiting to get the house cleared out by professionals, it’s easy to take preventative measures! Clear any loose woodpiles or overgrown shrubbery away from the foundation and walls of your house, to prevent more scorpions from getting inside. Sealing up any entrances to your house- be it windows, doors, or even vents- can also help keep pests out of your home. Your CAPE Pest Control expert offers home sealing and exclusion to help keep scorpions from gaining access to your home.

Leaky air conditioners can also provide scorpions and other pests an easy water source right near your home, so make sure to get those fixed as soon as they begin to leak!

 If you need help getting rid of scorpions, contact CAPE Pest Control today at 480-800-3777. 

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