Buying a home may be a dream come true for many, but the reality is that it’s a huge investment. If you’re selling your home, you may wonder how you can attract buyers to make that investment in your house, and while there are many factors that can help influence potential buyers, one is a wood-destroying insect report . In fact, skipping out on this key report may mean you lose many potential buyers. 

What are Wood Destroying Insects?

These are pests that can cause real damage to the foundations of your home. The most common wood-destroying insects are termites , which do thousands of dollars in property damage to homes across the country. Unfortunately, those are NOT the only insects that eat the wood in your joists, walls, floor beams, and attic. Instead, carpenter ants can be a serious problem too. Unfortunately, wood-destroying pests aren’t visible without professional help. In fact, if they’re just getting started, it’s not even very easy to detect the damage. Within a short period of time, though, they can cause massive damage to a given property. 

Do I Need a Wood Destroying Insect Report?

You absolutely need a report from a certified pest control professional before you sell. The greatest challenge that potential homebuyers face is what they can’t see, and one of those things they can’t see is wood-destroying insects. A professional inspection and subsequent report are meant to ensure that there are no insects capable of damaging the property. In some instances, there could be signs of potential damage but no sign of the pest. A qualified pest control contractor should guide you on the process and confirm whether there are any signs of damage to the home or that such damage is undergoing increased infestation. 

While a negative report may mean a decreased valuation, the reality is that some states require this before you can even put your home on the market, and for good reason. These reports help the potential buyers feel a bit more confident in what they’re buying. 

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