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Pest Control Plans

Pests’ nesting habits, such as cockroaches, are not always dependent on cleanliness or the filthiness of your home or commercial property in Arizona. Sometimes, pests simply find their way in. They can crawl through the smallest crevices and hide in the most unexpected places.

Besides the health risks from these pests, having them in your home or business is also unsettling. That’s why at CAPE Pest Control, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping Arizona’s residents by offering various pest control options.

Our eco-friendly pest control services are designed to minimize impact on the environment while providing effective pest management. For those needing tailored solutions, our customizable pest control packages ensure that every unique requirement is met.


With continuous research and learning, we adapt fast to keep current with pest control techniques and embrace safe and greener methods. Whether it’s commercial or residential pest control, we are your one-stop shop that never disappoints in Arizona.

Protected Environment – CORE

Arizona is home to many crawling pests, such as the dreaded scorpions and cockroaches. A scorpion sting is very painful and, in extreme cases, can cause death—not the nicest fact to know. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by choosing our Protected Environment—CORE, one of our best pest control packages that offers protection against over 20+ crawling insects and arachnids. Our expertise and experience in providing these services allow us to offer affordable pest control plans using sustainable pest management solutions for a better world.

The secret behind the success of our pest control plans lies in identifying the vermin quickly and isolating them from their shelter and food, giving them no reason to stay. We also employ proactive detection techniques, such as looking for droppings, amongst many others, to offer top-of-the-shelf preventative pest control plans.

Protected Environment – ADVANTAGE

Amongst our many pest control packages, Protected Environment-ADVANTAGE is a plan tailored to protect your home from vermin infestation. It is designed for both residential and commercial pest control. Besides mitigating 20+ crawling insects and arachnid issues, the package integrates fly treatment upon request and fresh foam application at least twice per year.

At CAPE Control, we understand that when handling flies or any other insects, the first thing is to trace the source of infestation, then apply pesticides to eliminate them and destroy the future of these pests. Some of the techniques we use include the application of chemical sprays, but we also have environmentally friendly techniques such as baits, traps, and fly screens.

That’s not all. Our Protected Environment-ADVANTAGE pest control package comes at a competitive market price to favor our highly esteemed customers’ budget plans in Arizona.

Protected Environment – PLUS

Between March and October, the mosquito is a major pain on the side in Arizona. Apart from painful and itchy bites, these insects spread diseases like Malaria. The good news is that at CAPE Pest Control, we’ve got a pest control plan to help you mitigate this nuisance in Arizona—Protected Environmental-PLUS.

This pest control plan comes with additional Mosquito Misting services between March and October, regular service visits, between 2 and 4 bait stations, and all the services mentioned in the above packages.

Even better, our Protected Environmental-PLUS plan is customized for both residential and commercial residences. Guided by the highest standards of ethics and safety, we’ve always preferred sustainable methods and only use chemical repellants and sprays when these methods fail. More importantly, when using harmful chemicals, we don’t spare any expense to ensure you and your loved ones are protected.

Protected Environment – ELITE

Are you in need of premium pest control plans in Arizona? CAPE Pest Control’s Protected Environment—ELITE is a package for people who want it all. In addition to encapsulating all the services of the previous plans, this plan comes with 4 additional Inzecto units, 2 to 4 rodent stations, up to 10 fly termite bait stations, and regular site inspection.

The ELITE package is tailored with our customers in mind and you’re guaranteed to get the value of your money for both commercial and residential pest control plans. Our pest control methods are designed to conform with the industry standards and we employ unparalleled environmental-conscious techniques. When you hire us, we believe no pest control job is too big or too small for us to handle in Arizona.

Looking for pest management solutions tailored to leave a lasting impression? CAPE Pest Control should be your first stop. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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