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Arizona is home to many species of ants, but some are more common pests than others. The Southern Fire Ant is one of Arizona’s most popular species. Typically, they are reddish-brown and up to 1/4 an inch in length. They feed on insects, seeds, and plants.

Carpenter ants are also common in Arizona and are black or red with the potential to grow up to one inch long. Carpenter ants, as their name would suggest, build their homes inside of wood, usually in walls or ceilings. These ants feed on small insects and grease.

Harvester ants are one of Arizona’s most popular species, and are yellowish-brown and up to 1/2 an inch long and feed exclusively on plant materials. Odorous house ants range from light brown to black and only reach a 1/8 inch in length, and enjoy nesting in the home and feeding on leftover food.

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Rover ants and pavement ants are the last two ant species you’re likely to find in your home. Both grow up to 1/8 of an inch and are slightly different colors. Rover ants usually nest outdoors, while pavement ants prefer the indoors and nest near concrete foundations.

Knowing the type of ant in your home is crucial for effective removal. Thankfully, our team is well-versed in ant treatment and can remove them from your home while mitigating the chance they return. We utilize the latest technology to remove the ant’s nest and ensure it stays removed. Don’t risk your ant problem returning by attempting to remove the nest yourself.

Whether you’re in Cave Creek, Scottsdale, or Paradise Valley, AZ, let us help. We’re local leaders in commercial pest control services and are here when your business gets overrun. Conversely, we also offer the best residential pest control solutions in town and can protect your home from these industrious creatures.

Ant Removal Solutions

We’re here to help when you’re struggling with an ant infestation with our commercial and residential ant removal services. Our team is experts at detecting nests and removing them fully. We also take steps to prevent them from returning to nest at your home any time soon.

Most Arizona ants aren’t harmful; however, the fire ant’s venom can be dangerous to small children. As such, you should act fast when you suspect fire ants are in your home. Any ant bite has the potential to cause irritation and make the victim feel uncomfortable. It’s this fact that means the presence of ants in your home is not something to take lightly.

Ants contaminate the surfaces they touch with their droppings. Floors, walls, and countertops are prone to ant droppings, and they often make their way into food storage and can contaminate there. Regular pest control keeps ants away from your home and property, even if they’re regularly found in your neighborhood. We’re local ant exterminators and provide the best ant pest control in Apache Junction, Chandler Heights, Norterra, and more. When looking for the best ant removal options in Arizona, look no further than the team at CAPE Pest Control.

Inspecting your home and property for ants is relatively simple. The first step is to check out your attic and storage spaces, as these are the most common places for ant infestation to begin. In and under your cabinets are places favored by ants, while some species prefer to live outdoors and may set up a nest at the base of your walls or outbuildings. Ants are attracted to food, and sugar-based products particularly pique their interest. It’s a good idea to keep your pantry as clean as possible. Spills can attract ants as their ability to find their way into your home is surprisingly good.

Residential Ant Treatment Services

It’s unpleasant when you have ants in your home. They seem to get everywhere and will search high and low until they find a food source. Thankfully, we can remedy your ant problem and leave your home clean and pest-free from these pesky insects.

Our residential pest control solutions are the best in the industry and will have a guaranteed impact on your home. Homeowners usually notice more ants present in their homes after we use our bait treatments. This increased presence is the desired effect as it means more ants are transporting the bait back to their colony. Depending on the species and the size of the colony, you may require more than one visit from our team.

Commercial Ant Removal

Ants in a commercial environment are just as troublesome as finding ants in a residential setting. Their presence can disrupt your business and cause you to lose money or customers. Don’t let an ant infestation ruin your company’s day, call the team at CAPE Pest Control, and we’ll take care of it. An ant infestation sets a negative impression on your customers and can impact how they view your business. When your commercial space has an ant infestation, it pays off to act fast.

Calling our team and scheduling an appointment is the quickest and easiest way to resolve your ant infestation. Contact CAPE Pest Control for your FREE estimate.

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