You might not think so, but Carpenter ants are plentiful in Arizona. These big black ants will chew through wood to carve out galleries in your home’s structure. 

Unlike termites, they don’t eat wood. Carpenter ants simply build their homes in your wood. This means you can see extensive damage in your home if you don’t get rid of carpenter ants quickly. 


Carpenter Ant Prevention

The best carpenter ant pest control is prevention. They prefer damaged or moist wood, so this means you should keep this kind of wood further from the home. Carpenter ants will happily infest logs and any dead cacti or trees that haven’t been taken down or removed.


How Ants Get In

The best way to get rid of carpenter ants is prevention. By removing the places where they could build their homes. Cut down dead trees. Cut back overhanging branches that might create a bridge for ants to get into your home. Seal gaps and cracks in your foundation through which ants might crawl inside.

Ants need water, too, so any leaks should be addressed – this includes pipes and basin leaks, and roof leaks and gutter damage upstairs. A damaged window frame or structural wall is prime territory to welcome carpenter ants in the home.


Different Treatments for Different Homes

There are a number of treatments that work in different situations. Spray treatments aren’t always effective because they can simply spread the ants out into different areas. 

Each home is different, so the best carpenter ant pest control for an active infestation is an inspection by experts. The best way to get rid of carpenter ants will vary from one home to the next, and so uniquely tailored solutions are needed. It might involve, spray, bait, and other solutions.


Wood Destroying Insect Report

A Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) report is often a good bet because it will inspect for multiple types of wood-destroying insects in the home. Many people have mistaken termite damage for carpenter ants and vice versa. A thorough inspection will tell us the best approach to get rid of carpenter ants for your home.

When it comes to taking care of ants CAPE Pest Control is your best bet. We utilize the right combination of non-repellent liquid insecticide treatment and bait application to keep your home and property ant-free. 


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