In Arizona, you’re likely to come across a scorpion at least on occasion depending on your location, and if you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do is make this a regular occurrence.  In an effort to protect yourself, your family, and your pets, you may look everywhere for a cure-all solution for scorpion removal if you’re seeing them on a regular basis, or at least a way to deal with them safely- but what’s the best way to work around those pesky arachnids?

Scorpion Identification

The single best first step you can take is to ensure that the creatures you’re dealing with are scorpions. Not sure how to tell? There are several good ways. If you want to figure out if something is a scorpion, the easiest approach is to look for the tail. Scorpions have a large and curled tail that arches up over their back and ends in a stinger (which you’ll want to avoid). Most measure about two inches long, and can range in color from yellow to black although Emperor scorpions are not native to Arizona, thank heavens! Scorpions are known to be nocturnal  and like to hide in spots that afford them a lot of shelters- under the edge of your kitchen cabinet, in cracks around the stonework of your flower beds, hopefully not right beneath your bedpost, etc.

Fighting the Scorpion Invasion

Fortunately, there are some good ways to prevent more scorpions from entering your home. You need to seal up any entry points that they can use- to update the weatherproofing on your doors, make sure the screens on your windows are nice and tight and make sure any cracks in your kitchen tile are patched up! You can also make your property less appealing to them by clearing out any debris still laying around- leaves, stray sticks, and even piles of firewood can all harbor these stinging menaces.

Call In A Professional Pest Control Team


 Of course, it’s always best to call your professional scorpion pest control company as soon as you realize you have a problem. CAPE Pest Control pest control can take care of your scorpion problems without you ever having to lift a finger, and they know which advanced formulation insecticides to use to cause the least amount of damage to your home, property, and family! They’ve got the experience and knowledge to keep you safe from scorpions and more.



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