It may sound almost comedic- cartoonish, even- but fleas can be a real problem throughout your home. Fleas have been known to carry diseases and can even cause you or your pets distress. If you’re not too hot on the idea of dangerous pests being given free reign of your home, look no further- CAPE Pest Control has your back.


Flea Prevention

Remember, fleas don’t have to happen to you. There are a number of preventative measures you can take. Vacuuming your house regularly will prevent the spread of flea eggs , especially from pets running rampant, and so can washing your clothes. Just like they fall onto the floor, flea eggs can get rubbed into your clothes and hatch there, already ready for their first meal. Make sure to give your pets regular baths, too, so that you know they’re clean. If you see any signs of fleas, make sure to take your pets to the vet before doing anything else. 

Noticing Fleas

It may take a second to make the connection, but realizing fleas have gotten into your home won’t be difficult. They’re typically brought inside by your pet and will ride on their skin until they spread to a new host. If you notice a strange, salt-and-pepper -like residue left wherever your pet goes, those are flea eggs and feces spread across your floors. These eggs will hatch in a few days, and from there, they’ve got the ability to spread back to your pets- or even worse, to you or your family.

Flea Control


If fleas have gotten into your home , they can be hard to flush out entirely- every time you think you’ve got it all cleaned up, you find another round just waiting in the wings. If you’re having trouble flushing them out for good, you can look for a good, trustworthy pest control service like CAPE Pest Control, which will get fleas out of your home with no fuss and no muss. It’s a simple step that will solve the problem completely. The longer you try to take care of the situation by yourself, the more time the fleas will have to spread.


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