It’s that season again, and it’s time to look into preventing cockroaches from entering your home. These common pests are dangerous pests– but they can be less harmful if you know what steps to take against them.

What Is A Cockroach?

Cockroaches are one of the easiest home pests to spot. They appear dark brown in color with segmented bodies and long, thin antennae. They’re very fast and agile, so they can be difficult to swat with your hands. Even worse, they can lay up to 25 eggs at one time and can easily produce thousands of offspring in one year alone. Typically, you can find cockroaches in warm, dark corners, or in your food stores. You’ll also usually see them at night.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

If you’re looking for home remedies, there are several simple options to help get rid of cockroaches in your home. The easiest way to start in on your home cockroach removal is to prevent the infestation in the first place. Seal everything up. Cracks in the foundation, windows seals, even the space under the front door- all of these are ways that the cockroaches can find their way into your home. Furthermore, keep all of your food sealed up and in a dry area. Make sure that there are no open leaks in your home, too. Make sure your home is well-lit, and work on keeping it clean this spring.

Thinking about DIY options from the hardware store? Bug bombs are actually one of the worst ways to deal with cockroaches — don’t use them, because they can be dangerous and don’t usually reach the areas of your house where insects nest.

Surefire Cockroach Removal


Of course, if you’re looking for guaranteed cockroach control from a licensed professional, you should always talk to the professionals at CAPE Pest Control. With courteous service and quick timing, we’re the best choice in the business. Keep your home and your family safe, and call the professionals to deal with any cockroach infestations you might have this spring.

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