There is no denying that termites are the ultimate homeowner’s nightmare. While roaches can make quite a mess, a termite can literally eat you out of house and home. Unlike with other pests, simply cleaning up the garbage around your home isn’t going to be enough to keep termites at bay. While no plan is completely foolproof, here are a few helpful tips you can keep in mind to reduce your chances of a termite infestation .

First off, take a look at your yard and the yards surrounding your home. Are there any wooden structures in your yard like a shed or a treehouse? How about dead trees, cacti or stumps that could attract termites? You may not consider these things to be a legitimate threat to your home, but they can act as a termite magnet. 

If you can, either remove structures from your yard that are made of wood, or at the very least, have them treated by a termite pest control professional. Keep weeds and grasses around these structures low so you can keep an eye on things. Termite problems don’t appear out of thin air. If you know what to look for, you can stop problems before they have a chance to take hold.

Termites have many different ways in which they can enter your home, but most often, they’ll attack your home where it meets the soil. Periodically do a visible inspection around the foundation of your home. Look for any signs of sawdust or rotten, decayed wood in and around your home. Termites have wings during the early stages of their lives, so if you see swarms of insects, this could be a warning sign you have termites. Catching a termite infestation early is important.


To learn more about termites and the threat they pose to your home and even your neighborhood, contact CAPE Pest Control for more information. The experts at CAPE Pest Control know how to spot the tell-tale signs of termite infestation and damage. Call them today so you don’t have to live in fear of termites eating your floorboards out from under you.

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