Think because a building is new it doesn’t require termite control? Think again. Most buildings undergo new construction termite pre-treatments , and for good reason. Termites do billions of dollars of damage to buildings every single year, and the pre-treatment process can prevent future costly termite treatment and damage repair. What’s involved, though, and why does it work so well? Read on to learn more. 

The Process

Standard pre-construction subterranean termite treatment happens before the slab is ever poured. Termiticides are applied to the soil to prevent future infestation of any possible subterranean termites to a structure. The cost is fairly minimal, and it means the new building will not have an issue with subterranean termites. Other termite barriers can be installed before the structure is constructed as well. Once the structure reaches the dried-in stage, the wood studs can be treated. Physical termite barriers can also be applied to piping penetrations before the slab is poured, creating a barrier which termites simply can’t penetrate. 

There are also treatments that can be applied after the structure is complete. The Sentricon Baiting System , for example, can be placed around the perimeter when the landscaping is complete, as it can be monitored on a yearly basis and watched closely for potential termite problems

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Why Is It Effective?

New construction pre-treatments are effective because they literally create a non-repellent treated zone that provides long term protection for your new home or commercial building. These treatments are one of the best ways to keep termites from ongoing foraging and damage to wood members in a structure.

Selecting Your Termite Pre-Treatment

Understanding which new construction subterranean termite pre-treatment might be the right choice for your project can be complex, but in many cases, building codes go as far as requiring it. 


Fortunately, CAPE Pest Control can help. With advanced termite pre-treatment services for your new building, we’ll be here to ensure you select the right treatment to meet your needs and to monitor the ongoing progress of your project should you select the Sentricon Baiting System. To learn more about our new construction termite pre-treatments, please contact us today .

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