Box elder bugs are a common sight in Arizona, and many homeowners find them to be an annoying nuisance. While they don’t pose any real danger, box elder bugs can cause damage to your home if left unchecked. It is important for homeowners in Arizona to understand the habits and behaviors of this insect so that they can take steps to prevent or control an infestation.

Box elder bugs are generally black in color with red stripes on their backs. They are typically found on box elder trees, and they tend to enter homes through cracks or crevices. In the springtime, these bugs will swarm around windows, doors, and other openings as they seek out warmth. The common habits of box elder bugs include eating plant sap, fruits, and other plants. Box elder bugs are most active during the warmer months of the year when they will swarm around homes looking for food sources. During these times, they can become a nuisance as they congregate on walls, windowsills, and other surfaces inside the home.

The potential damage caused by box elder bugs includes the staining of wallpaper and fabrics, as well as the destruction of paint and wood. When these insects become a nuisance, it can be difficult to get rid of them without professional assistance. Prevention is key when it comes to dealing with box elder bugs in Arizona. Homeowners should keep their homes free from clutter where these bugs can hide and breed. Additionally, sealing off cracks or crevices around windows and doors can help prevent infestations. Regularly cleaning leaf litter, wood piles, and other debris from the yard is also a great way to deter these pests.

In cases where an infestation has become too large or difficult to handle, give us a call, and let’s find the right pest control plan for you.

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This package adds Mosquito Misting services from March to October during regular service visits and includes 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, along with the previously mentioned services.


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This encompasses all the services of the previous packages. Additionally, it offers up to 4 Inzecto units, 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, and up to 10 Sentricon Termite Bait Stations, subject to an inspection.


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