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Welcome to Arizona’s wasp pest control solution experts. At CAPE Pest Control, we provide professional wasp removal services and treat your problem like our own. Our teams comprise dedicated professionals with years of experience serving areas like Cave Creek, AZ, Paradise Valley, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ. Every aspect of our services focuses on safety, communication, and integrity. Hiring us guarantees a job well done and a hands-on approach from reputable technicians. Contact us if you need the following services:

Wasp Nest Removal Solutions

Wasps are amazing to watch, but when they build nests around your home, they become a nuisance. You need a wasp nest removal expert to effectively remove the nests and prevent them from returning. We offer professional wasp nest removal at the top of our comprehensive service list. If you live in Anthem, AZ, Apache Junction, AZ, OR Chandler Heights, AZ, you can count on us for wasp removal.

Wasps exist as different species with varying nesting habits. Arizona harbors various species, including the European paper wasp, the horse’s paper wasp, the hunter’s little paper wasp and mud dauber wasps. European paper wasps are black with yellow markings and are invasive and widespread in areas like Chandler, AZ, Fountain Hills, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, and Glendale, AZ. Horse’s paper wasps are native to Central America but have existed in Arizona for decades.

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Wasp nest materials are paper, mud, or saliva. Wasps construct hexagonal cells where they lay their eggs, which then develop into larvae. Nest sizes vary depending on the age of the colony and the wasp species. You can identify a wasp nest in or around your household by looking for paper-like structures on tree branches and other sheltered areas. Also, if you notice a wasp exhibiting aggressive behavior around your household, they most likely have their nest nearby.

Having a wasp nest near your home can pose a health risk. Even if you don’t have allergies, wasp stings are painful and dangerous. Wasps can cause property damage when they build in or near structures. Their building materials and activities can weaken wood and structural insulation.

When you hire our wasp nest removal services, we assess your property to determine the wasp species, nest size, and location. Our staff has the necessary materials and safety equipment for handling wasp removal. Once we remove the nests, we use environmentally friendly disposal techniques to get rid of them.

Residential Wasp Treatment Services

If you live in Gold Canyon, AZ, Maricopa, AZ, or Mesa, AZ, you can rely on our professional residential pest control solutions. Hiring our professionals can help protect your home from wasp infestations. We use high-quality insecticides to get rid of the existing wasps. Our eco-friendly sprays make it hard for the wasps to fly away and coat their bodies to make them suffocate. After depleting our insecticides, we use responsible disposal techniques to ensure your property remains clean.

We use traps to slowly eliminate wasps without confronting them. This is an effective way to prevent wasps from settling on your homestead and building their nests. Our traps are designed to attract wasps, and they get stuck when they land on them. The sticky traps can catch several wasps, and we dispose of them and add new ones. We place them at strategic entry points for wasps.

Another wasp treatment technique we use is liquid-filled bag traps. These traps use a scented liquid to draw in wasps and drown them. We monitor the bag traps and replace them once they are filled with wasp carcasses.

Some wasps build their nests making them difficult to spot. Our professionals are skilled at identifying underground nests and getting rid of them. Yellowjackets are known for building underground wasps, and they can cause significant harm when they attack you. We use high-impact commercial insecticide dust to eliminate ground-based colonies. These chemicals can be harmful to your health, but we ensure your health and safety by keeping you free from contact. We handle underground nests of all sizes, and in any area of your property. We offer residential wasp removal services in various areas, including Norterra, AZ, Preoria, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Queen Creek, AZ.

Commercial Wasp Removal

Wasps can become a significant problem in a business setting. Leaving the problem to continue may result in losing customers, and employees may fear going to work. The buzzing sound made by wasps creates anxiety about being stung, creating unrest in the business premises. Our commercial pest control services can put an end to the issue.

In business, wasps may typically build their nests in garages and wall cavities. You can’t assume their location; thus, you need our expert help to locate their nests and formulate solutions to eliminate them. Finding the nest by yourself can cause a commotion and anger among the wasps. It’s much safer to seek professional help from a pest control company specializing in stinging insects and wasp removal, saving you from painful stings and the possible need for medical attention.

Keeping wasps under control on commercial property begins with diligent waste handling. Disposed food and drinks can attract wasps to forage on the sweet, sticky substances. We provide professional advice on effective ways to dispose of trash and keep trash bins clean. With our years of expertise, we understand wasp behavior in commercial settings and know the best treatment solutions.

We use effective techniques to seal off openings in your business. Even the smallest spaces can be potential entry points for wasps and can lead to persistent infestations. We identify potential nesting sites in your business and seal them off or make them inhabitable for wasps. We use powerful deterrents to keep wasps away without disrupting your business activities. Our commercial wasp removal services are available to various businesses, including those in Sun Lakes, AZ, San Tan Valley, AZ, or Tempe, AZ.

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In addition to covering over 20+ general crawling insects including scorpions, this package includes fly treatment upon request and Fresh Foam applications twice a year.

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This package adds Mosquito Misting services from March to October during regular service visits and includes 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, along with the previously mentioned services.

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This encompasses all the services of the previous packages. Additionally, it offers up to 4 Inzecto units, 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, and up to 10 Sentricon Termite Bait Stations, subject to an inspection.

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