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Wasps are an all-too-common problem in Arizona, with at least seven species of wasps found throughout the state. While some of these pests can be beneficial to the environment, they can also become a nuisance and present potential health and safety risks when they set up nests near people’s homes or businesses.

The most common types of wasps found in Arizona are Yellowjackets, European Hornets, Paper Wasps, and Cicada Killers. Yellowjackets are yellow and black striped and typically build their nests underground or in trees. They feed on other insects as well as human food sources, which is why they are often seen around outdoor events. European Hornets are brown and black striped and typically build their nests in places like attics, garages, or sheds. They feed on other insects as well as fruits and sweet foods. Paper Wasps are reddish-brown to black and usually build their nests underneath eaves or inside wall voids. They mostly feed on nectar from flowers but may also feed on other insects. Cicada Killers are large wasps, up to two inches long, that feed mostly on cicadas. They build their nests in the ground and can be aggressive if disturbed.

Signs of a potential wasp infestation include spotting the wasps themselves, seeing their nests around your property, or hearing buzzing noises around your home. If you suspect that you have a wasp infestation, it is important to contact our pest control professionals to help identify and eradicate the problem.

Wasp stings can cause pain, itching, swelling, and in some cases allergic reactions. In addition, wasps can transmit diseases like encephalitis through their stings. It is important to use caution when dealing with wasps, as they can be aggressive if disturbed and attack as a group.

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Cape Pest Control Package One 334w

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This package offers protection against over 20+ general crawling insects, including scorpions.

Cape Pest Control Package 2 334w

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In addition to covering over 20+ general crawling insects including scorpions, this package includes fly treatment upon request and Fresh Foam applications twice a year.

Cape Pest Control Package 3 334w

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This package adds Mosquito Misting services from March to October during regular service visits and includes 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, along with the previously mentioned services.

Cape Pest Control Package 4 336w

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This encompasses all the services of the previous packages. Additionally, it offers up to 4 Inzecto units, 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, and up to 10 Sentricon Termite Bait Stations, subject to an inspection.

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