Arizona homeowners often struggle with a variety of beetles that can cause damage to their gardens and homes. From the Sonoran Desert Ironclad Beetle, which is native to the desert Southwest and lives in dry places such as cracks in rocks or soil, to the Painted Lady Beetle, an invasive species that feeds on vegetable crops and other plants, there are many different types of beetles found in Arizona. Each beetle has its own unique characteristics and behaviors that must be understood if they are to be successfully managed. Understanding these beetles can help homeowners protect their property from potential damage caused by them.

The Sonoran Desert Ironclad Beetle is a large beetle found in the desert Southwest and is known for its hard shell. This beetle can grow up to one inch long and has two deep grooves running along its back. It lives in dry places, such as cracks in rocks or soil, and feeds on decaying plant material. The adult beetle is active during the day and can be seen walking on the ground or flying short distances. It tends to move quickly and is often mistaken for a cockroach.

The Painted Lady Beetle, also known as the Californian red scale or CRS, is an invasive species from Europe that feeds on vegetable crops and other plants. These beetles are typically about one-third of an inch long and have a yellowish-brown body with black spots. Adults feed on the juice from plants, while larvae feed on plant foliage. The life cycle of this species involves several stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. After mating, female Painted Lady Beetles lay eggs on the underside of leaves, which hatch into larvae that feed on the plants. Once this stage is complete, the beetle forms a pupa and then emerges as an adult.

By understanding the different types of beetles found in Arizona, homeowners can identify potential problem areas and take steps to protect their gardens and homes from damage. If your home is struggling with controlling beetles, our pest control services can help!

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