Centipede Pest Control Services in Arizona

Centipedes have a long, segmented body and multiple pairs of legs. Most range between 0.5 and 1.5 inches long, but some can reach up to 14 inches and have over 100 legs. They are highly agile and move quickly. Centipedes are nocturnal creatures that prefer dark and damp areas like basements, bathrooms, and closets. Many species are carnivorous and seek out environments with large populations of insects and spiders they can feed on.

While centipedes are typically harmless, their presence in your home or business can cause stress. Sightings of centipedes and other bugs can trigger feelings of alarm, or give your business a poor reputation.

The emotional impact alone is enough reason to take action to eliminate centipedes from your property, but some species can inflict a painful bite on humans, with the possibility of needing medical attention. They even contribute to infestations of other pests. The good news is that there are effective, professional residential treatment options available to remove and prevent centipede investations. Protect your home or business with centipede control services from CAPE Pest Control.

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Centipede Removal Solutions

Centipedes don’t leave behind any evidence of their presence. Instead, you likely won’t know your property is playing host to these insects until you see one darting across the floor or trapped in a sink. You can help to get rid of centipedes by keeping your home clean and free of clutter that can provide prime hiding spots. They prefer to hide away in moist, dark areas. Reducing indoor moisture levels, sealing up gaps, cracks, and holes in the building’s exterior, and controlling other species like spiders that serve as a food source can also help. However, the best solution to permanently remove centipedes is through professional pest control methods.

Centipedes are a common pest throughout the United States, making access to safe and powerful centipede pest control a must. At CAPE Pest Control, we use the latest knowledge and technology in our residential and commercial pest control services. Our carefully selected treatments create a barrier around your property to control populations and prevent new insects from invading.

Our technicians receive training on how to spot the signs of a pest infestation, how to determine the species present, how to identify entry points and susceptible areas on your property, and how to employ the most effective solutions that eradicate current pest populations and keep them from coming back. We pay close attention to cracks and crevices that provide the perfect hiding places. Figuring out how the insects are getting inside your home or business is an important step in effective centipede pest control.

Our deep understanding of the local pest species, their behaviors, and their lifecycle, helps us to target treatment applications at the best times throughout the year to keep your property pest-free. We check common problem spots like basements and other areas prone to moisture build-up like underneath sinks, around drains, and entrances surrounded by vegetation.

Residential Centipede Treatment Services

Our family-owned business offers a range of centipede treatment services that fit any need or budget. The level of services you require depends on pest activity and any vulnerabilities found during our inspection of your property. Our team will discuss your options and recommend the services ideal for protecting your home from common area pests like centipedes. Choose from one of our four plans to get a safe and protected environment:

  • CORE: Our basic pest control plan protects against centipede infestations and more than 20 other species of crawling insects.
  • ADVANTAGE: With ADVANTAGE, you get all the pest protection of the CORE plan, plus fly treatment if needed and twice yearly Fresh Foam applications.
  • PLUS: The next level of protection builds on the previous plans by adding Mosquito Misting services to our regular service visits during the peak season from March through October. We also include two to four Rodent Bail stations.
  • ELITE: Our most comprehensive pest control plan, ELITE gives you everything from the previous three plans with some additions. We provide up to four Inzecto units plus up to 10 Sentricon Termite Bait Stations.

At CAPE Pest, we provide both commercial and residential centipede removal and treatment services throughout Maricopa County and the surrounding areas, including the following locations:

  • Anthem, AZ
  • Apache Junction, AZ
  • Cave Creek, AZ
  • Chandler Heights, AZ
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Gold Canyon, AZ
  • Maricopa, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Norterra, AZ
  • Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Peoria, AZ
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Queen Creek, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Sun Lakes, AZ
  • San Tan Valley, AZ
  • Tempe, AZ

Contact us immediately if you spot centipedes on your property, indoors or outside. Our trained technicians use the latest protocols to deliver effective results fast. We always provide quality service you can trust.

Cape Pest Control Centipedes
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Our Pest Control Plans

CAPE Pest Control offers a comprehensive suite of pest management solutions, ranging from basic to advanced, ensuring tailored, effective protection for every need and budget.

Cape Pest Control Package One 334w

Protected Environment


This package offers protection against over 20+ general crawling insects, including scorpions.

Cape Pest Control Package 2 334w

Protected Environment


In addition to covering over 20+ general crawling insects including scorpions, this package includes fly treatment upon request and Fresh Foam applications twice a year.


Cape Pest Control Package 3 334w

Protected Environment


This package adds Mosquito Misting services from March to October during regular service visits and includes 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, along with the previously mentioned services.


Cape Pest Control Package 4 336w

Protected Environment


This encompasses all the services of the previous packages. Additionally, it offers up to 4 Inzecto units, 2-4 Rodent Bait stations, and up to 10 Sentricon Termite Bait Stations, subject to an inspection.


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